Home use  medical devices provide significant benefits to patients and families, including quality of life improvements and cost savings. Designing a product that balances the needs of patients, clinicians and medical device companies is challenging, but critical for successful product adoption. This webinar will share the issues that block adoption of home use medical devices and the strategies you can use to overcome them with a successful design.

In this webinar, MassMEDIC and Sunrise Labs take a deep dive into the world of home use. In a discussion moderated by Brian Johnson, Adam Jacobs and Alex Therrien will share their experience designing medical devices meant for the home environment.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Meeting users where they live, how to ensure your new device fits into their life and is more likely to be adopted
  • The realities of Usability Engineering that need to be considered when developing medical device for home use
  • Balancing the needs of stakeholders during the design process
  • Architecture, infrastructure and a dynamic connectivity environment